Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics


The Enhancing Conviction Integrity through Forensics training series delivers forensic-based training in an effort to ensure prosecutors and defense counsel trying violent crime cases, including cold cases and death penalty cases, have the knowledge and tools to effectively understand and present forensic evidence in court. The training seeks to ensure the integrity of the conviction and prevent wrongful convictions related to forensic evidence. Categorical resources such as discussion panels, webinars, and briefs can be found by exploring the drop-down menus below.

Year 1 — Spring 2021 Discussion Panels Archive

Day 1 - Wednesday, February 17th

Patricia Powers and John Wilkinson, AEquitas

Day 2 - Monday, February 22nd

Patricia Powers and John Wilkinson, AEquitas

Day 3 - Friday, February 26th

Patricia Powers and John Wilkinson, AEquitas


Firearm and Toolkit Identification

Edward McCann Jr. and Detective Eric Nelson from the Montgomery County (PA) District Attorney's Office

Blood Spatter Analysis

Resources coming soon.

Crime Scene to Courtroom Basics: Collection, Preservation, and Chain of Custody

Advancing Justice: From the Crime Scene(s) to the Courtroom

Patricia D. Powers and John F. Wilkinson from AEquitas

Considerations for Optimal Timeframes for DNA Forensic Evidence Collection from Sexual Assault Cases: A SAKI Recommendation


From the Crime Scene(s) to the Courtroom: Optimal Evidence Identification, Collection and Preservation at Trial

Patricia Powers and Dalia Racine from AEquitas

Key Considerations in Preparing a Cold Case Sexual Assault for Trial


Successful Prosecution of Cold Case Sexual Assault

Patricia Powers, AEquitas

DNA 101: Sources, Mixtures, Statistics, and Methodologies

Advancing Justice With DNA Technologies

Patricia D. Powers & Misty Marra Williamson

Case Connectivity Using DNA


DNA 101 – Mixtures, Statistics, and Methodologies: Science and Application to Investigation and Prosecution

Amy Jeanguenat from Mindgen LLC and Patricia Powers from AEquitas

DNA Testing 101: Sexual Assault Kits


Y-STR Testing: Enhancing Sexual Assault Workflows


DNA Reports and Expert Testimony

Preparing and Conducting Direct Examination of the Forensic Scientist

John Wilkinson, AEquitas

Successful Case Outcomes: Evidence, Potential DNA and Expert Testimony

Patricia Powers from AEquitas and Misty Marra from Marshall University

Understanding DNA Testing and Reporting: Processing SAKs


Eyewitness Testimony

Resources coming soon.


Fingerprint Analysis in Cold Cases of Sexual Assault and Homicide

John Wilkinson from AEquitas and Michelle Reznicek from the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Working with Laboratories: Capabilities, Workflows, and Triaging

DNA Testing, Workflow, Collaboration and Options

Amy Jeanguenat from Mindgen LLC and Patricia Powers from AEquitas

Unsubmitted SAK Processing: Five Objectives toward Forming a Positive Relationship with a Private Laboratory