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Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) GranteeWisconsin Department of Justice

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SAKI awarded the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) a grant in the amount of $4 million, which the department will use to pay for unsubmitted SAK testing, create a multidisciplinary team to inventory and track SAKs, provide training and technical assistance, and enhance services and notifications to victims of sexual assault.

In 2016, SAKI awarded the Wisconsin DOJ additional funding to provide additional resources to local sexual assault service providers and increase storage capacity at the Wisconsin State Crime laboratory. The Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, called WiSAKI, takes a comprehensive, statewide approach to addressing the approximately 6,000 unsubmitted sexual assault kits identified through their inventory. In 2017, the Wisconsin DOJ and the Attorney General's Sexual Assault Response Team are conducting an outreach effort to connect victims with their SAKS and work with them while they decide whether to engage with law enforcement.

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Funded in 2015, Wisconsin DOJ has used SAKI funding to achieve several goals and milestones:

  • In January 2016, the WI Department of Justice amended the rules for submitting evidence to the WI State Crime Lab (WSCL) to allow for the submission of sexual assault forensic kits directly from a SANE program or hospital. While law enforcement agencies remain the only entities that can submit evidence for testing, SANE programs can submit a kit directly to the WSCL for storage. This new process provides survivors across the state the option of having evidence collected after an assault while deciding whether they want to report to law enforcement. Kits sent to the WSCL from a SANE program will be stored for up to ten years, which is the statute of limitations for second and third degree sexual assault in Wisconsin. If the survivor decides they want to report to law enforcement, the kit can be pulled from storage and tested as part of the investigation.
  • In December 2016, five SARTs from around the state, along with DOJ's SAKI SART, participated in a two-day, interactive, scenario-based training provided through the SAKI TTA. Nationally renowned subject matter experts Jim Markey, Linda Ledray, Patti Powers, and Misty Marra provided one of the most engaging, informative trainings most participants had ever attended. This training was an incredible opportunity to learn about the benefits of a SART and the different roles and responsibilities of every team member.
  • In March 2017, the SAKI team completed a massive, statewide inventory of the unsubmitted sexual assault kits in the possession of Wisconsin's 557 law enforcement jurisdictions as well as all the SANE programs and hospitals conducting exams in the state. The inventory achieved 100% participation without the need to legislate or mandate participation.

In 2017, the Wisconsin DOJ received $2 million in additional funding, which will go toward continuing the WiSAKI program and ensuring all unsubmitted SAKs are tested. The Wisconsin DOJ will also invest the money in providing law enforcement officers, SANEs, and victim advocates with victim-centered, trauma-informed training.

In 2019, the Wisconsin DOJ received $1,839,118 in additional funding. The Wisconsin DOJ is using part of this funding to ensure adequate resources to assist local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in pursuing investigative leads and prosecutions generated from testing previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits (SAKs). Additionally, this money will go toward supporting collaboration between sexual assault service providers and local law enforcement to notify survivors of testing results or new developments related to their case, as well as developing and implementing a SAK tracking system.

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News and Events

New data released from Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Initiative
NBC 15, Feb 20, 2020
As of February 20, 2020 Wiscon DOJ's SAKI initiative has tested 4,472 sexual assault kits, added 1,038 sexual assault kits to CODIS, reviewed 1,406 cases, referred 40 cases for a charging decision, and total of 12 criminal cases have been filed.

Man Found Guilty of Sexual Assault of a Child After Backlogged Kit Tested
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Feb 4, 2020
Attorney General Josh Kaul today announced that Rock County Judge Karl R. Hanson accepted Jason A. Smith’s Guilty by No Contest plea for two counts of Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child that occurred in July of 2000. The victim’s sexual assault kit was tested as part of the Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) in 2018. This is the fourth conviction to result from the testing of backlogged sexual assault kits in Wisconsin.

Testing of backlogged sexual assault kits results in another conviction
Addy Bink,, Dec 5, 2019
According to the Department of Justice, Brandon Darnick of Minocqua has been found guilty of First Degree Child Sex Assault – Sexual Contact with a Person Under Age 13 for an assault that occurred in 2013 based on testing a previously unsubmitted sexual assault kit.

25 years in prison for man connected to 2012 child sex assault by rape kit
Fox 11, Fox 11 News, Dec 2, 2019
Man convicted to 25 years in prison for 2012 sexual assault in Wisconsin.

FIRST ALERT INVESTIGATION: DNA match cracks rape case before time runs out
Sarah Thomsen, 2 First Alert, Nov 21, 2019
A Green Bay woman is getting justice more than a decade after she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Brown County prosecutors have charged a man they say is responsible for the attack. The clock had been ticking on this case. The statute of limitations was about to run out.

Wisconsin AG: Testing complete for sexual assault kits, state awarded $1.8M to fund continued testing
Fox 6 News, Nov 20, 2019
Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul announced on Wednesday, Nov. 20 that testing is complete for all sexual assault kits designated for testing in the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI).

Austin Montgomery, Beloit Daily News, Nov 1, 2019
A convicted rapist currently serving time for two sexual assaults from October of 2000 is facing charges from another sexual assault from July 2000 based on DNA evidence.

First Conviction Issued After Testing of Backlogged Sexual Assault Kits
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Aug 29, 2019
A jury in Waupaca County convicted Leroy R. Whittenberger of three counts of Second Degree Sexual Assault, class C Felonies, for the assault of a teenage victim that occurred in July 2012

AG Kaul Announces New Data from the Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Screen reader support enabled.
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Jul 31, 2019
For survivors looking for information about their kit, contact the law enforcement agency where the assault was reported, a local sexual assault service provider, or the DOJ Office of Crime Victim Services at 1-800-446-6564.

Test of 2012 rape kit leads to sexual assault charges for Portage County man
Natalie Brophy, Seven Points Journal, Jul 10, 2019
Prosecutors charged a Plover man Monday with sexual assault after DNA from a previously untested rape kit matched his.

Legislation to Prevent Future Backlog of Untested Sexual Assault Kits Introduced with Bipartisan Support
Wisconsin Department of Justice, May 20, 2019
Legislation designed to prevent a future backlog of untested sexual assault kits has been introduced as Assembly Bill 214 and Senate Bill 200 with bipartisan support from 49 legislators in Wisconsin. This bill gives the survivor options and mandates their sexual assault kit be stored for up to 10 years.

AG Kaul Announces Progress in Effort to End Backlog of Sexual Assault Kits
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Apr 12, 2019
Wisconsin Attorney General announces that of the 4,160 tested sexual assault kits, 998 kits have been added to CODIS, 600 cases have been reviewed by DOJ, and in 5 cases charges have been filed.

The By Your Side Campaign wins a Gold Addy Award!
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Feb 18, 2019
The By Your Side Campaign funded by Wisconsin SAKI won a Gold Addy Award at the American Advertising Federation Madison ceremony. The By Your Side Campaign is a survivor outreach campaign for Wisconsin SAKI.

Kentucky man suspected in 11-year-old sexual assault case in Tomah
Steve Rundio, The Tomah Journal, Dec 6, 2018
A suspect is announced in an 11-year-old cold case sexual assault after DNA from a previously unsubmitted sexual assault kit is matched to his using a DNA database.

Arbor Vitae man charged with child sexual assault following tests on 2013 sexual assault kit
Lane Kimble, NEws Watch 12, Dec 3, 2018
DNA evidence from a previously unsubmitted sexual assault kit leads to an arrest in a case from 2013.

Trial date set for man charged in decades-old sexual assault
Fox 11 News, Nov 5, 2018
Trial date is set for the first suspect charged in Wisconsin due to the testing of previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits through the Wisconsin Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.

DOJ completes review of sexual assault kit tests
Teymour Tomsyck, Channel 3000, Oct 18, 2018
The Wisconsin DOJ has received $1 million SAKI grant to continue their Wisconsin SAKI program. The additional funding will help the WiSAKI program train local prosecutors, compile information from the kits, and support additional analysis of the kits.

AG Schimel Announces Testing Completed on Sexual Assault Kits
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Sep 10, 2018
The Wisconsin Department of Justice has completed testing on all sexual assault kits initially inventoried and designated for testing as part of Wisconsin’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.

AG Schimel Holds Statewide Sexual Assault Response Team Meeting
Wisconsin Department of Justice, Aug 21, 2018
During a recent Statewide Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) meeting, Attorney General Brad Schimel appointed a new co-chair and 16 new members. The SART evaluates the response to sexual assault at the city, county, and state level and makes recommendations to improve the response to sexual assault.

Rape kit leads to new charges
Austin Montgomery, Beloit Daily News, Jun 15, 2018
Testing resulting from Wisconsin's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative leads to charges in a case from 2000. The man charged is a serial sexual offender.

As state clears sex assault kit backlog, teams work to empower victims
Sarah Thomsen, WBAY, May 29, 2018
The Wisconsin DOJ announced the last batch of previously unsubmitted SAKs in the state has been sent for testing and will be completed by the end of 2018.

Rape kit testing leads to charges against Marion man in assault
Alison Dirr and Keegan Kyle, Post Crescent, Apr 25, 2018
A Marion man has been charged with sexual assault after the testing of previously unsubmitted SAKs in Wisconsin. This is the second prosecution stemming from the testing of previously unsubmitted SAKs by the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

DOJ to Clear Sexual Assault Testing Backlog by End of 2018, Nov 2, 2017
Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced that the Department of Justice will process all previously submitted sexual assault kits by the end of 2018 with the assistance of federal funding provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.

Testing could begin next week on 247 Green Bay rape kits
Doug Schneider, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Jun 2, 2017
Green Bay Police received good news when they were told they could begin sending their backlogged rape kits to the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory in Madison, WI for testing. To learn more about the backlog in Wisconsin and what the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative grant funding is doing to remediate the issue, read the full article.

SAKI TTA Webinar - Conducting a Large-Scale, Multi-Jurisdictional Inventory
SAKI TTA, Mar 21, 2017
Join SAKI TTA for an upcoming webinar focusing on the Wisconsin Department of Justice's comprehensive statewide inventory of previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits. This webinar will discuss the inventory steps the project team took and what they learned throughout the process. This webinar will also touch on how their methodology could be applied to other states conducting similar efforts.

WI DOJ Launches Program To Address Backlog Of Untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
Laurel White, Wisconsin Public Radio, Jan 30, 2017
A new initiative by the Wisconsin Department of Justice and a sexual assault prevention group aims to decrease the backlog of sexual assault evidence kits in the state. The initiative, called “By Your Side,” reaches out to survivors of sexual assault who have had kits collected and provides connections to support services. Read the full story or visit to learn more.

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